Photo Anodizing is a process by which a partially anodized, photosensitized, aluminum alloy sheet is exposed and developed (similar to photographic film) to produce a black and silver image. The aluminum may also be dyed to produce multi-color images. The final step is to complete the anodizing process by sealing the aluminum to protect all of the images beneath the aluminum’s anodic layer. Photo Anodized nameplates are some of the most durable nameplates available, with approvals for many military, space, government, and industry applications. Also known as Metalphoto and Photo-Metal.


Process used to produce: Nameplates, Legend Plates, TagsOverlays,and Signs
Material(s):  Photosensitive Aluminum
Typical lead-time: 4-15 days
Most economical quantity: low to medium volume ( 1 to 1000 identical pieces)





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