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Custom and Stock Legend Plates, Nameplates, Lamicoids, & Tags by The Cutting Edge  

Custom Manufactured Legend Plates

Low volume products (1-100 identical pieces.)  Included are push-button legend plates, panel tags, component I.D. tags , valve tags and markers, pipe markers, and data, instructional, safety, warning, and logo plates.


Tags from anodized aluminum, plastic, lamicoid, lamacoid, phenolic, stainless steel, are engraved, etched, and printed.

  • Engraving
    -typically on Plastic,    Lamicoid, Traffolyte, Phenolic, Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel
  • Photo Anodizing
    -only on Anodized Aluminum
  • Digital Printing
    -typically on Polycarbonate, Vinyl and Polyester
  • Etching
    -typically on Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminum


Custom Dials, Logo Plates, Warning Plates, Pushbutton Legends, Serial Number Plates are made of aluminum, steel, plastic and other materials.

  • Pushbutton Legend Plates
    -Over 200 different styles in both plastic and metal in stock and ready to engrave with your text.
    -Most typical device manufacturers are represented.
  • Pushbutton Lenses
  • Aluminum Tags and Markers
  • Stainless Steel Tags and Markers
  • Brass Tags and Markers
  • Mounting Items
    -such as drive screws, bead chain and stainless steel wire
  • Set-up and manufacturing time depends upon complexity of design, process selected, and legend plate quantity required.
  • Most legend plate orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.
  • Same-day and next-day Rush Service is available for many legend plates.

We stock thousands of legend plates for GE, Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation), Cutler Hamer, IDEC, Seimens, and others.

  • Most of our products are custom-made to your specifications.
  • Our stock pushbutton legend plates are custom engraved to your specifications.


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