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EDP Labels

An abbreviation for Electronic Data Processing Labels.


The process of producing raised letters and/or graphics in an item. Embossed images are typically produced using dies or by engraving or etching the background (everything except the image.)
See Deboss.


See Engraving on our Processes Page.


See Etching on our Processes Page.

Face Material

(1.) Labels and decals typically consist of three layers: a paper, film, metal, or other substrate (the face material); a self-adhesive layer, and a liner (or backing).
(2.) The substrate, front, or face of a sign, nameplate, overlay, or tag.

Face Plate

Another word(s) for nameplate or decal.

Face Slit

Also known as face split. Slits (or cuts) that go through a label or decal and its adhesive backing but not through the liner. Usually to facilitate removal from the liner or backing.

Filename Extension

In DOS- and Windows-based software, the two or three letters that typically follow the period (or dot) in a file name. With graphics files the three letters denote the type of file or the software used to create the file. Examples are: (DXF) Dynamic Exchange Format; (AI) Adobe Illustrator; (BMP) Bitmap, (CDR) Corel Draw.
See Art & Design/File Conversion.


(1.) A general classification of substrates made to distinguish material in sheet form from materials in film form. A thin, flexible (or limp) sheet of material (other than paper) used as a substrate for printing decals and overlays. Common films are vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate. (See Sheet)
(2.) Similar to a common photographic negative, imaged film is the final form of pre-press artwork used in the production of etch resists, screen-printing screens, and printing plates.

Flame Treating

See Flashing below


Also known as flame treating. Flashing is a method of surface preparation for many low surface energy plastics, such as polypropylene or polyethylene, that will allow an adhesive to make a good or better bond to the plastic. Flashing involves passing a flame over the surface of the plastic to oxidize a very thin layer of the plastic for the adhesive to adhere to.


See Flexographic Printing on our Processes Page.

Flexographic Printing

See Flexographic Printing on our Processes Page.

Flood Coat

To print one solid color so that it completely covers an item.

Floor Graphics

Graphics printed on a vinyl film with a specialty formulated removable adhesive and overlaminated with a skid-resistant coating or film.

Fluorescent Vinyl Film

See Fluorescent Vinyl Film on our Materials Reference Chart.

Foam Board

A type of lightweight, rigid board used for interior signs and nameplates. Foam board consists of a foam-center sheet laminated on one or both sides by a variety of substrates. See PVC Foam Sheet on our Materials Reference Chart.


Refers to the style and width of a particular design of letters, numbers and symbols, such as Helvetica Bold or Times Roman. Until the development of the computer and scalable fonts, references to fonts also included the size, such as 10-point.


Trade name for high pressure laminate.
See High Pressure Laminate on our Materials Reference Chart.

Four Color Process Printing

The process of printing that uses dot patterns of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). When these colors are overprinted, they combine to render a wide range of colors. When observed up close, the individual dots are visible. However, the color and shape of the image appear continuous when viewed from a distance.

Front Engraving

See Front Engraving on our Processes Page.


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