Our full-service, in-house graphic design department is available for anything from file conversions to CAD drawing to full-scale logo design to be used on products that we manufacture for you.

We can use your computerized
artwork to manufacture your

  • Font/Color Information

    • Convert text to paths, curves, or outlines (Vector Art).

    • If this is not possible, include all screen, CAD and printer fonts used in the file. 

    • Indicate any necessary color matches using the Pantone® (PMS) Color System whenever possible.

  • File Information
    • We need a copy of all linked files used in creating the artwork.  Include a separate copy of all bitmaps used in the artwork.

    • All CAD files must be "explodable" - that is, all lines, objects, blocks, text, etc. must be able to be exploded while maintaining their original desired content and position.  We often need to change fonts, layers, or other attributes that can only be altered in an exploded object.  Embedded text, bitmaps, or blocks that reference external information will prevent us from accurately converting your files. 

    • It is preferred that compressed files be self-expanding, or compressed with Winzip or PKZIP.

    • Always include, via mail or fax, a paper copy of the artwork when sending files so that we can verify your computer artwork for file content and integrity when opening.

    • Always keep a copy of your original files.  Do not send your only copy.

  • Accepted File Storage Media
    • Windows Formatted Flash Drives

    • Windows Formatted CD-ROM

    • Windows Formatted E-mail Attachments

    • Macintosh Formatted Media - Limited Availability

  • Recommended Programs / File Types
    1. AutoCAD (to v2005) / *.dwg

    2. Adobe Illustrator (to CC)/ *.ai

    3. Corel Draw (to vX5) / *.cdr, or *.cmx

    4. VECTOR Encapsulated Postscript / *.eps

  • Accepted Programs / File Types
    (These may require additional set-up time and fees.)
    1. AutoCAD (to v2005) / *.dxf

    2. Adobe Photoshop (to vCC) / *.psd

    3. Adobe Acrobat / *.pdf

    4. HPGL Plot File / *.plt

    5. Assorted Bitmaps / *.tif, *.jpg, *.eps. *.bmp, *.gif

  • Have an idea or none at all? 
    Our skilled graphic artists can assist you in developing your own special look for use on products that we manufacture for you. (Here are a few of the Logo's our design team has created)
  • We can scan your camera-ready artwork or full-color artwork to produce your products
  • We can create your identification products from a sketch, drawing, or just based upon your description

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